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Soundly is a fully featured sound effects platform for Mac & PC, and includes thousands of royalty free sound effects, such as those found in the Dark Collection.

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You’re out all alone in the woods, where it seems there are no signs of human life at all.

You’re going down a lonely road through the trees that seem to be watching you.

Crows land on top of the branches. They caw at you as you go past them. They watch your footsteps with a sinister look in their eyes.

There’s a slight wind blowing but it doesn’t feel natural. It feels as if it’s a ghost breathing down your neck.

So when your audience are watching that on the screen, you can guess how they feel. Uneasy. Nervous.

It won’t even occur to them in that moment, that thanks to the little sounds effects you put in the background, that you’re the reason for making their heart beat louder in their chests!

So while you’re hard at work in the editing studio, creating that atmosphere of uneasiness, you have to waste a lot of time searching for the sounds you need on the net.

You feel that it makes the process of editing tedious. You’ve got to spend time away from editing to actually download the sounds. And even when you’ve downloaded them, they might sound awful.

Welcome to the club. The club of frustrated sound editors. We’ve all been there where it feels like you have to spend time digging for treasure. Except that the treasure is that perfect sound effect.

For you, that might be buzzing neon lights when your hero is conducting a police investigation on a strange accident that happened in a nightclub.

Or that might be the endless, almost deafening sound of the rain outside. It’s like bullets falling from the clouds in the sky.

Not to worry, Soundly has helped (number) of editors save their time so they can focus on what do they do best. Creating atmospheres for the screen!

We’ve been hard at work as well. Recording the sound effects that will shoot shivers down your audience’s spine. All in one place to use quickly and easily.

So now you can add a soft droning sound where your characters are looking for something in an abandoned building. Or the sound of crawling insects when they’ve opened up a box that seems to come from Hell!

All without having to spend hours searching for sound effects online.

So why not download Soundly so that you can use your creativity to make your audience’s stomachs turn. Feel like you’re really putting your heart and soul into enhancing your film’s scenes. Instead of spending countless hours looking for your sound effects!

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